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for the future,
blank for now,
alive as bark in the past.
During and in between all and each
I write these lines.
Time will bring them colour one day.
I know.
Who owns this now?
I look upon you with admiration.
Please take my messages upon you.
they are from the heart.

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I'll fight for it if I have to. But this poem won't have no rhymes.
There's a reason free healthcare became a thing in England.
People needed healthcare and that's what someone gave to them,
I am glad to live in a country where I can break my leg and someone can help me
For NOTHING in return. Sure, s/he gets paid, but I haven't yet given
Much to tax to have paid them that much.
As a side note which I feel is very important: If large companies
Investing in England, such as McDonalds, Costa and various phone companies (as though they're the largest which they're not, (I'll mention Nike too.)) actually paid taxes...

Well, these nurses and doctors would get paid.

I'd like those people to get paid fairly, so they wouldn't strike.
I'd like those people to work in America on the same money.

I'd like those people to help every person on the planet.

I want to help every person on the planet.

If there are people (as we know them and in my current knowledge of what people are as of 02/06/2015, Cleary Mallard)

Then I wish the human fucking race would pick up its game and sort its shit out.

Sure, I haven't learnt medical stuff.

I couldn't help too many people with the problems they have.

Given the chance and the 'job', by (whatever idea this is I am about to give a capitalised name which I think may exist within all of us) God, I will do my absolute best if someone asks me to help them while they're in a very shitty situation.

I'm going to do it, because I believe it too.

I'm going to agree with Bill Hicks (and Many, MANY, others)

And say that if we

(as a human race)

put our money into spending things on renewable energy research, medical research and research into exploring the universe, then we would be much happier.

I would be much happier.

I am a person who is FUCKED over by the system as it is.

I am someone who will be actually pissed off when trees arn't growing in the UK, when I've grown up camping in such beautiful environments and knowing that there were potentially even more beautiful ones in the past, before I existed.

Yes, there are many philosophical arguments to argue what I'm saying. Epistemology,... I was going to say more but that ignites it. That excites it.

You, philosopher of the Western and 'learned way' might be annoyed.

But I'm annoyed at the way things are going here.

And I don't want to resort to this, but it will suck for all of us if we carry on the way we are.

Yeah, I'm an idealist, but I like seeing money not spent on nuclear weapons and spent on helping someone else have a more comfortable life. Sadly, those two things arn't that seperate for a lot of people... but if we could all agree that

We're all fucking intelligent and that we have the resources to make the world

A REALLY awesome place then maybe we could do that and just chill with each other's cultures and not kill each other for stupid shit.

One more message, if you're poor, just think about you're leader (if you might be willing to die for one). S/He's sending you into turmoil. S/He's a dickhead.

Live you're own life,

But if that includes hurting other people then I'm going to talk to you/trying to pursuade you against that shit.

I don't want to do that.

I want to live happily in the world I've been born into.

You can help with that.
Select the next tune to come up fast,

Glass breathing in the air, the last

Track blooming out without care,

Staring down the mixer, blaring

Sonic consistency in every ear drum

Igniting wave forms, forming storms

Which jolt the body in tidal falls,

Jamming in beats fueled by rum.

It’s sick, it’s nasty, the bass shoves in.

Take down the hi to submerge us within

The titanium ocean of industrial sound,

Then release the hi to pierce white clouds.

Backspin the last track and attack the crowd hard

This beat’s so wavy it needs another chance.

Reload the shit out of it, cue, cue, cue, play.

Stamp out the rest of life, connect the DJ.
Urging the curves of the earth to

Emerge in sweet sensitive glory,

Euphoria blasts its way back just to

Bore me. Urging my heart to want

To explode, hurling forth fire like a

Volcanic node, distraught with practice

How does anyone know? I’ll look to the

Floor with peace loving knows. Swift

Kick back through the door to the sky,

Riding, sliding, chiming that experience

Called time, igniting the pastures of

Temporal space alight, realising our

Vision sees straight through the night,

Deleting all darkness and entwining with

Light, Confiscated memories of self-

Defeat take flight, and the gaps are filled with

Sensodyne tongues curl

Lyrics in our ears.

I talk of the vagrant lot

Who’ve wandered many years.

Teleporting slowly across

Landscapes in my mind,

Then out into reality

Having become externalised.

Dread pumps in marrow,

As dead crumple out,

The rest of the vagrant lot

Still alive scream and shout.

With no destination,

No battle in their heads,

They’ll wander every pasture,

Until over the edge their steps…
Got two new things up which are for my university course, check them in the featured bit :)
I'm not dead, nor is this page, I just haven't been bothering to upload much recently. I have mainly been posting my stuff from here onto Tumblr which is a more likely place to follow my updates and more recent poems. So, if you wanna see more of me, follow me on there if you have it! I will try to get round to posting stuff on here more again but only time will tell in its mad story telling ways. 

Now for the long and growing list of places you can find me: 









Now have fun! :D (Big Grin)
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I'm 19 and I am a musician/poet. Here you will find poems, short stories, haikus and much more as well. Feel free to have a look around and please comment about whatever you feel afterwards, thanks.

I make music for video games too, so if you need music for a video game you are making, let me know and we can talk. I'm based on Newgrounds/soundcloud for the kind of things, so check the links above and contact me on either, or on here!

You can find my own songs and my DJ sets in the links in the journal entries, thank you.

Hope you enjoy my stuff.


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